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  1. Planting a rhizome:

    • Soak rhizome's root area in water overnight. Do not submerge the whole rhizome.

    • Find a planter that is 3 to 4 inches wider than the rhizome's width.

    • Fill planter with potting medium, rich in organic material and capable to drain well. 

    • Rhizome should be inserted into planting media up to the planting line. It is important for it not to be planted deeper into the planting medium, than what it was before it was removed from the plant/clump.

    • Shoots or buds on the rhizome should be pointing upwards.

    • Water when soil is almost dry. Excess water will rot the rhizome.

    • Place in a warm area avoiding direct sunlight.

    • Always plant in soil with good drainage and a PH range of 5.5 to 7 (Slightly acid).

    • Add a slow release fertilizer after two leaves unfold.

  2. Germinating Heliconia Seeds

    • Soak seeds in water for five days. Change water daily to avoid fermentation. 

    • Each seed has a white soft spot at one end.  This is the connection of the seed embryo to the environment, it is the receptor for heat and humidity and most important where it initially sprouts from.  When planting seeds take time to identify this spot and always position it facing up.

    • Fill a seed tray with water holding professional germinating mix such as; Pro Mix germinating medium (components: Sphagnum Peat Moss-short fiber (70% by volume) Dolomitic Limestone, Vermiculite-Fine Grade (30 % by volume) Wetting Agent, Calcitic Limestone).

    • Cover seeds with planting medium, avoid a thick coat. Cover seeds with mix do not deeply bury them.

    • Place seed trays in a warm and humid area. Avoid direct sunlight.

    • Keep seed trays humid at all times. Stay away from a soggy mix of planting medium and water.

    • Germinating times vary by specie and within the specie. Not all seeds will germinate at the same time. Keep seed trays in a humid and warm place. Some seeds will germinate within weeks others will take longer, a few much longer. Seeds will germinate long after you think they will not germinate.

    • Keep seed trays humid and warm at all times.

    • Transplant seedling plug (sprout + germinating medium) to a 5 to 6 inch planting pot. Fill pot with a planting medium rich in organic material and capable to drain well.

    • IMPORTANT; Transplant seedlings after two leaves unfold. They will dwindle in a seed tray past this stage and eventually die. Add slow release fertilizer with cautiousness.

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