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Cultivating Heliconia from Rhizome

Cultivating Heliconia from Rhizome

Planting a rhizome:

• Soak rhizome's root area in water overnight. Do not submerge the whole rhizome.

• Find a planter that is 3 to 4 inches wider than the rhizome's width.

• Fill planter with potting medium, rich in organic material and capable to drain well. 

• Rhizome should be inserted into planting media up to the planting line. It is important for it not to be planted deeper into the planting medium, than what it was before it was removed from the plant/clump.

• Shoots or buds on the rhizome should be pointing upwards.

• Water when soil is almost dry. Excess water will rot the rhizome.

• Place in a warm area avoiding direct sunlight.

• Always plant in soil with good drainage and a PH range of 5.5 to 7 (Slightly acid).

• Add a slow release fertilizer after two leaves unfold.

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