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The Tropical Flower Store-Heliconias

Your home for heliconia seeds and rhizomes, at The Tropical Flower Store you will find a wide variety of heliconia seeds and rhizomes from the Caribbean, South America, regionSouth America, Central America and the Indo Pacific

On our products page you will find:

Favorites such as Heliconia Rostrata seeds and rhizomes
Siam Rose torch ginger seeds and rhizomes, other hard to find ginger seeds and rhizomes
Rare heliconia seeds and rhizomes such as Orthotrichas and Penduloide Perfect Darling
Heliconia Bihai seeds and rhizomes
Heliconia Orthotrichas seeds and rhizomes
Heliconia Stricta seeds and rhizomes
Heliconia Caribaea seeds and rhizomes
Heliconia Excelsa seeds
Heliconia Longa seeds
Heliconia Chartacea seeds and rhizomes
Heliconia Bourgaeana
New heliconia variations from seedlings 

About our products…All heliconia seeds and rhizomes on this site are offered to encourage the cultivation of heliconia plants. At the Tropical Flower Store you will find a wide variety of heliconias and gingers. Customer support is available through our heliconia enthusiast blog and contact page. 

New Items/Suggestions…We continually search for new heliconia seeds, rhizomes and innovative ideas to offer our customers. 

Our Goal... is to promote the cultivation of heliconia plants and create an user friendly members blog for heliconia enthusiasts to share their heliconia growing experiences.

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Copy and paste URL into a message addressed to

Your message should include the name of your organization, what your organization does, whether or not for profit and the manner in which you wish to use the image.

Permission when granted is given with the understanding that copyright requierments will be followed and that acknowledgement will be given to the source of the image.

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