Positive registration pressures interest rate cuts

In fact, the basic interest rate of the economy has been at its lowest level in history for some time now. Even so, Brazilian banks resist shrinking d. “One of the problems is that Brazil is one of the worst in the world for credit recovery,” says Fabian Valverde, partner and co-founder of Good Finance.

Basic interest rate of the economy has been at its lowest level


It is worth remembering that the Positive Registry, in addition to pointing out pending issues, also observes the fulfillment of other financial obligations, such as payment of recurring bills, among other debts settled.

The service is free and is valid for everyone with active CPF or companies registered with CNPJ. Those who do not wish to participate have the right to request that their data be deleted from the system at any time.


Added to all these factors is the prospect of increased competition between large banks and fintechs with the Positive Registry in force. This is because many small lending institutions will feel safer lending to those who are considered to be at low risk of default. “The new law will stimulate competition between retail and financial institutions, which may use the data exclusively to assist credit analysis in a more fair and individualized manner,” says Valverde.

The bank federation, which avoided controversy over the spread throughout the Positive Registration voting process, posted on its website a favorable stance on the new system. “The creation of this new record containing information about the credit history and payment behavior of clients, individuals and legal entities that join will allow, over time, financial institutions, continuing service companies, retail stores and other companies can have better conditions of evaluation and credit, with benefits for all ”, says the federation note.

Potential to increase economy

Potential to increase economy

According to the company, the system may include an additional 22.6 million people currently outside the credit market. Based on simulations based on statistical score models , the model can benefit 137 million Brazilians, representing 88.5% of the country’s adult population.

The survey also reveals reduced interest rates for 74% of people over 18 who already have access to credit. “The system is the best way to know consumer financial behavior and promote sustainable growth of the credit market,” says Serasa Experian Latin America President José Luiz Rossi.

In relation to the credit market growth, it is estimated an increase of almost 20 percentage points in the relation between credit stock and GDP. The rate would jump from the current 47.4% to 67%, says Serasa. “We did a study with consumers of classes C, D and E. With the Positive Register, their credit rating increased in 70% of cases. That means they will have more access to finance, ”says Elias Sfeir, president of the National Association of Credit Bureaus .